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Re: m68k und ipv6?

Hi everybody again ;)

I've finally managed to get a crosscompiler setup installed according to

Now i've taken kernel-patch-2.6.8-m68k_2.6.8-1_all.deb from [7] and
built my own 2.6.8 kernel image from kernel-source 2.6.8-5 and the above
patch. This, combined with the config [2] gave me the Mac kernel-image
[3] for my Quadra 650. 

For those who haven't followed the thread. I cannot use Christian's
2.6.8-mac image, for my SONIC on-board-NIC will initialize and then free
the system. All i see is the line "MAC 08" and that's it. No chance to
get past that (eventually it'll print the full mac instead the first
byte only).

However my own kernel has a few shortcomings still. While booting the
scsi system seems to encounter a timeout which however is recovered from
[4]. This is only a matter of my latest wildly trying changes to get
things working. The first images i had tried worked quite ok in that
sense (yet either the NIC wouldn't be a module, or other things that
didn't get the whole thing flying). 
Nevertheless, the much larger problem is a kernel oops that does occur
with the ADB keyboard or whatever [5] would like to tell me. 

Unfortunately i'm no kernel-oops-wiz, so if someone could step in and
give me a helping hand, how to track this down, i'm willing to
contribute all back to the linux-m68k kernel to have a good 2.6.8-mac
Debian distro kernel suitable for Sarge.

For those who want a mini-howto, with only the commands i used to get
the kernel cross-compiled, see [6].

Thanks for your help. ;)
(As usual, if i've missed to supply anything important, please just let
me know and i'll try to provide it)

[1]: http://people.debian.org/~debacle/cross.html
[2]: http://home.bawue.de/~kk/m68k/config_maia.20040805
[3]: http://home.bawue.de/~kk/m68k/kernel-image-2.6.8_maia.20040805_m68k.deb
[4]: http://home.bawue.de/~kk/m68k/shot1.jpg
[5]: http://home.bawue.de/~kk/m68k/shot2.jpg
[6]: http://home.bawue.de/~kk/m68k/kernel-cross-compile.txt
[7]: http://people.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/kernel-patch/

Best regards,

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