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Re: [linux-mac68k] Results of trying 2.6.7 and 2.6.8 on Macintosh Quadra 650

Christian T. Steigies wrote:

On Wed, Aug 25, 2004 at 10:40:51PM +0200, Erik C.J. Laan wrote:

I'm wondering if the SCSI messages from the "2.6.[78]-mac_run4*txt" logs
are any indication whether the fix to disable SCSI reselects is actually in these kernels. This fix is activated by the mac53c9x=1,0 kernel commandline argument and Kars de Jong wrote on Aug 19 in a message on the debian-68k-maillist (thread "light weight desktop for browsing" ;-) that he thought this fix had not been entered in the general Linux-m68k CVS, while it has been in the Linux-mac68k CVS since Ray Knight wrote it for 2.2.20 in June of 2001. My experience with multiple SCSI drives (HD, CD) on a 68040 Mac is that this fix is essential.

I did not sync with linux-mac68k, so that fix is probably not in. Tell me
when it is included in linux-m68k CVS, I will update my kernel-patch then and
rebuild those kernels. This seems to be the major problem getting 2.6 to work
on the mac? That would be good news.

No alas I think there are more issues as Finn already pointed out, like the Sonic ethernet driver not working and the ADB panic dump. There's probably some work to be done on 2.6.x-mac kernels, but I'd say overall it looks better (more hopefull at least) than 2.4.x on my Quadra 650.

Erik C.J. Laan				elaan at dds.nl
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