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Re: Testing 2.4.x or 2.6.x kernels on Amiga

On Thu, Aug 26, 2004 at 09:04:23PM -0500, Peter Krummrich wrote:
> Hi,
> seeing all your discussing new kernels, I was wondering about the easiest
> way to switch between kernels. I am still using 2.2.20 from Woody, but
> would be interested in testing 2.4.x or even 2.6.x kernels on my Amiga. How
> can I get (load .deb archive?), unpack (use dselect or dpkg?) and install a
> new kernel with the option to easily switch back to my old kernel in case
> the new one does not work?
> I am mostly interested in a new frame buffer device driver. The clgenfb that
> comes with Woody (1.4?) seems to have some serious problems.

Can you be more specific here?  Kernel 2.2.25 is the latest in that
series for the Amiga.  I seem to recall that earlier versions had
debugging turned on, so that whenever you switched consoles, you got a
bunch of debugging output to one of them.  Other then that, I used the
2.2.25 for some time before moving up to 2.4.27 which I compiled from
source for myself.

Note that there are advantages to compiling your own kernel.  Saving RAM
is one of them.  The Debian stock kernels have many configuration
options turned on to support a wide range of hardware that you probably
do not have.  Re-building the kernel with these options turned off can
save significant RAM.  This is especially important if you only have 12
or 16 meg to begin with.


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