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Re: ext3

Ron Johnson wrote:
On Sat, 2004-08-21 at 16:34 -0600, Tony Pitman wrote:

Where do I get the latest mac 2.2.25-4 kernel from and where do I put it on my Q610 to boot correctly?


That shows that it's only in sarge & unstable.

You would apt-get install it, and reboot.

That's probably not all for Mac's. MacOS usually use a nativeOS loader called Penguin which loads the kernel, so before rebooting he should put the file /vmlinuz on his Mac partition, and after rebooting into MacOS should tell Penguin to load that file instead of the file his previous kernel was in, or overwrite his previous kernel-file, but that leaves you without "known to be good" kernel, should the new one fail somehow.

HTH, Erik.

P.S. I know there maybe is an option without using MacOS: Emile, but than you need to update the boot-floppy so an extra step is needed anyhow.
Erik C.J. Laan				elaan at dds.nl
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