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Re: Xf86 and fbdev, unresolved symbol

On Wed, 2004-08-18 at 03:01, cummings@stingray.net wrote:
> On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Sarah wrote:
> > I'm using fbdev. However X fails with the error:
> >
> > Symbol fbPictureInit from module /usr/XllR6/lib/modules/drivers/fbdev_drv.o is unresolved!
> I don't believe it's a config problem.  I have not got an answer 
> on this problem but I believe it to be a programming error in the FB 
> device driver.

Yes, I think it is. The fb module can't be used together with the afb
module, the fbdevhw module shouldn't try to load it on Amiga type

But then again, last time I checked (which was in 2000 or something) the
afb module didn't work anyway.

I had a working 4.0 version then, but I let it slip because I was still
struggling with problems in the m68k module loader and other things
became more important.

I might still have the diffs somewhere. There seems to be a little more
interest again, so maybe I can finish it this time.

You might be able to run in 1-bit mode, I think that did still work, but
that's probably not what you want ;-)

> I do generally expect a stable release to work out of the box on a stock 
> Amiga because that's a common configuration, it's not like we have that 
> many graphic card choices with the AGA chipset and the built in graphics, 
> there is but choice for a stock Amiga 4000 and that mode should work 
> before a release is deemed stable.

It all depends on what you call "common" I suppose... there aren't that
many people left that actively use Amigas, especially not with X and the
AGA chipset because it's so dead slow (with 8 planes and a high

> Off my soapbox.
> If I get my Amiga to run X I'll post back how I did it.  From what I've 
> seen I think figuring out how to downgrade to the 3.x version would work, 
> possibly upgrading to the version in the next release might work.  With 
> the Internet now working from my Amiga box both options are now available
> to me where before they were not.

Your best bet is the xserver-fbdev_3.3.6-11potato32 from
security.debian.org. Of course it requires a different config file and
some new packages might not like such an old X server. You probably need
to extract the files manually because you (probably) don't want to
install the xserver-common package that goes with it.

I still have that one installed on my Debian Woody based Amiga.

There's also still a xfree86v3 directory in the pool, but it doesn't
seem to get built for m68k. Perhaps that might be a good idea until the
4.x tree is fixed.

Kind regards,


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