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Re: Xf86 and fbdev, unresolved symbol

On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Sarah wrote:

I'm using fbdev. However X fails with the error:

Symbol fbPictureInit from module /usr/XllR6/lib/modules/drivers/fbdev_drv.o is unresolved!

I don't believe it's a config problem. I have not got an answer on this problem but I believe it to be a programming error in the FB device driver.

I just got my amiga hooked up to the Internet via PPP and I'm updating things now, I hope it will fix this error, but I'm not holding my breath on it. It's rather slow going over the serial port, but I'm at package #22 out of 70 right now and I see that there's lots of X upgrades so I'm hoping.

In other words, I've been playing with this bug for a week with no luck, no luck searching the Internet, nor reading docs and FAQ's. What really bothers me is that Debian would release something that clearly will NOT work out of the box and the installer is broke as well because it can not generate a config that would work it if it was doable. Debian is not alone in this regards, Gentoo linux has similar problems with it's genkernel program and you must compile the kernel by hand. I figured out how to fix the config by reading docs, but I can't fix the driver yet.

I do generally expect a stable release to work out of the box on a stock Amiga because that's a common configuration, it's not like we have that many graphic card choices with the AGA chipset and the built in graphics, there is but choice for a stock Amiga 4000 and that mode should work before a release is deemed stable.

Off my soapbox.

If I get my Amiga to run X I'll post back how I did it. From what I've seen I think figuring out how to downgrade to the 3.x version would work, possibly upgrading to the version in the next release might work. With the Internet now working from my Amiga box both options are now available to me where before they were not.

I'm new to Debian and have yet to figure out either means, but after I get it updated I'll work on the down/up grade of whatever X needs to be made to work on an Amiga. I'm just curious how it compares to my old HDS X terminal is all.

Matthew P. Cummings
1974 Cessna 150L N10667
Moberly, MO (MBY)

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