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Re: d-i problem with Penguin-19.sit

Kars de Jong wrote:
On Thu, 2004-08-12 at 22:31, Erik C.J. Laan wrote:

Kilian Krause wrote:

Hi again,

or maybe someone could provide me with an image of some sda deboostrap i
could use to dump onto my new to-be-Linux-harddrive. Then i wouldn't
need to go through Penguin installing/booting..


This won't work, you always need Penguin to boot. At the moment there is no other way.

What about EMILE (http://emile.sourceforge.net/)? Or is that not fit for
end-users yet?

Wow, didn't know about EMILE. Good news. Will try this on my Quadra 650!

Sorry Kilian: Please try EMILE if you want to boot without using Penguin.


P.S. Please don't cc on replies, I read all lists I mail messages to, so will read the replies on the list.

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