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Re: ARAnyM

V Po, 12. 07. 2004 v 09:19, Geert Uytterhoeven píše:
> Note that current binutils will create a kernel image that cannot be booted by
> any m68k booter

I have enough troubles with other things so I would hate to run into
more problems with the crosscompiled kernel image. BTW I am going to
test the kernels on my Afterburner040 first so I need something that is
bootable :)

> Oops, you're talking about compiling kernel 2.2.x

yes, because 2.2.20 seems to boot very nicely compared to 2.4.x that
crashes very early.

> manually build a gcc 2.95.x cross-compiler....

I have one cross-compiler already running (for building
http://emutos.sf.net/ ) and I wish I didn't break it while installing
environment for linux-m68k compiling.

> Or if you trust me, I can tar-up
> my ancient 2.95 cross-compiler which lives in /usr/local/.

I do trust you. Thank you for mailing it to me (or uploading it


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