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I am one of the http://aranym.sf.net/ authors and developers. I am
interested in running Debian linux-m68k (as I have always been since I
bought my Atari Falcon030 10 years ago). Since my super accelerated
Afterburner040 was still not fast enough for running linux I started
developing ARAnyM and now I would like to improve it so it would run the
Debian Linux.

I wrote most of the Atari Falcon hardware emulation for the ARAnyM
project. However, the implementation is incomplete and hackish at some
places which is probably the only reason why Linux-m68k does not run on
ARAnyM properly (yet).

I noticed there was some interest in running debian-m68k on ARAnyM
(Debian BTS #255231) so I decided to subscribe here and explain the
current status. The aranym-lilo.txt documentation shows that the linux
boot (using LILO integrated in ARAnyM) stops when it is to open an
initial console - the ext2 fs is probably corrupted in the ramdisk
somehow. Bootstrap from plain TOS is also possible but you want to set
the FastRAM size to 64 MB since the bootstrap thinks you're running
Afterburner and expects 64 MB banks (I will fix this when I get a

I am seeking for a help from some experienced linux-m68k hacker. I am
currently having trouble with IDE emulation (the MFP interrupts in
particular). And I'd like to know how to cross compile 2.2.x m68k kernel
on debian-ia32 sid easily, if possible. Although I have just reenabled
the delivery of linux-m68k posts that I had disabled since last summer
(dunno why) so I should point my kernel related questions there perhaps.


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