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apne and 2.4 kernels


This pops up every time I try to run a 2.4.x kernel.
I've tried every version for almost half a year now, but the result is the same:

kernel: Looking for PCMCIA ethernet card : ethernet PCMCIA card inserted
kernel: apne.c:v1.1 7/10/98 Alain Malek (Alain.Malek@cryogen.ch)
kernel: PCMCIA NE*000 ethercard probe<1>Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 0000031f
kernel: Oops: 00000000
kernel: PC: [<10035168>]
kernel: SR: 2000  SP: 0f7fbde4  a2: 0f7fa000
kernel: d0: 0000001d    d1: 00000cee    d2: 00000000    d3: ffffffea
kernel: d4: 00181944    d5: 00000002    a0: 00181904    a1: 00181920
kernel: Process modprobe.moduti (pid: 80, stackpage=0f7fb000)
kernel: Frame format=4 fault addr=0000031f fslw=01250200
kernel: Stack from 0f7fbe20:
kernel: 00000000 ffffffea 00181944 8002c9d0 0fa223c0 10035e94 0000b666 10035d38 kernel: 00000001 0f7fbef4 001cfb30 00000000 ffffffea 00181944 8002c9d0 0000b666 kernel: 10035d38 00000001 0f7fbef4 00003ad4 00000ce1 00000000 ffffffea 00181944 kernel: 0f7fbeb8 ffffffea 0f7fbeb8 00000000 00181944 00077d1a 100358c0 0000001a kernel: 0f7fbeb8 00000020 00000000 ffffffea 00181944 0000b666 1a050106 d00f0bfc kernel: be00001e 0000b762 00000000 ffffffea 0000b666 10035d38 1003510e 10035d38
kernel: Call Trace:
kernel: [<10035e94>] [<0000b666>] [<10035d38>] [<0000b666>]
kernel: [<10035d38>] [<00003ad4>] [<00077d1a>] [<100358c0>]
kernel: [<0000b666>] [<0000b762>] [<0000b666>] [<10035d38>]
kernel: [<1003510e>] [<10035d38>] [<10035d38>] [<10035d38>]
kernel: [<00106fe6>] [<10035d38>] [<10035d38>] [<000b5ea2>]
kernel: [<10035d38>] [<10035800>] [<10035d38>] [<0000c3ae>]
kernel: [<10035060>] [<00003ad0>] [<0008c00c>]
kernel: Code: 102c 001f 1940 001f 6010 2039 0019 f924 9081 7402

This is the lastest with the kernel from http://auric.debian.org/~cts/
Any ideas?

My hardware;
A1200, Blizzard 1260 & SCSI-IV kit, 256 Mb RAM, Micronik Z2 busboard with Cybervision 64/3D and Catweasel S-Class Z2 (Buddha IDE), 120 Gb IDE HDD, Fiberline 10Mbit/s combo PCMCIA NIC.
Installed, but not in use: Powerflyer Fast-ATA controller.

Tuomas Vainikka

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