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Re: ADB via Power Manager (PowerBook)

[NOTE: Please follow-up to linux-m68k or linux-mac68k.]

The PB 160 and PB 180 use "PMUv1" ADB, which (as I recall) was working
for a while, although I don't remember which kernel series (2.2.x or

I don't believe the "PMUv2" ADB has ever worked, which is found on the
PB 190, PB 520 and all of the Duos.

BTW, if you're going to build your own kernels, I would recommend
grabbing them from the linux-m68k CVS repository.  Details here:



On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 01:02:23AM -0500, J. MacPhail wrote:

> I'm trying to install onto a PB160.  This has a 68030 with no FPU.
> The woody installer, using the kernel option NOLANGCHOOSER, gets
> to the release notes with a blinking cursor, but the keyboard is
> unrecognized.
> My understanding is that no 2.2 kernel supports ADB via Power Manager,
> so I can only try 2.4 or 2.6; is that correct?
> I have made a couple of unsuccessful tries with 2.4 kernels.  My
> impression is that lack of an FPU is not a show-stopper, but should I
> be passing some kernel argument to warn that FPU emulation is needed?
> Now here is the main question.  Has any Linux kernel ever successfully
> supported ADB via Power Manager?  For example, is anybody successfully
> running Linux on a PB180?
> -- 
> John

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