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ADB via Power Manager (PowerBook)

I'm trying to install onto a PB160.  This has a 68030 with no FPU.
The woody installer, using the kernel option NOLANGCHOOSER, gets
to the release notes with a blinking cursor, but the keyboard is

My understanding is that no 2.2 kernel supports ADB via Power Manager,
so I can only try 2.4 or 2.6; is that correct?

I have made a couple of unsuccessful tries with 2.4 kernels.  My
impression is that lack of an FPU is not a show-stopper, but should I
be passing some kernel argument to warn that FPU emulation is needed?

Now here is the main question.  Has any Linux kernel ever successfully
supported ADB via Power Manager?  For example, is anybody successfully
running Linux on a PB180?


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