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console-tools in basedebs.tar


I'm trying to do a fresh install of Woody on my A2000 using the
boot-floppiles 3.0.24 and the basedebs.tar.

I moved the files to the local hard disk, and then worked my way through
the installation process.  During the installation of the base system
(using basedebs.tar) I got the following error message:

/pool/main/c/colsole-tools/console-tools_0.2.3-23.3_m68k.deb was not

and a search of the basedebs.tar file shows the console-tools file as:


I pulled the basedebs.tar file from ftp.debian.org yesterday from:

I tar tf basedebs.tar shows a few other files with the 1%3a string in
the filename.

Is there a different version of basedebs.tar that I should be using?



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