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Re: Problems with self-compiled kernel

On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 08:45:10PM +0100, Björn Buske wrote:
> "Christian T. Steigies" wrote:
> > Use gcc272 as Richard said, I thought the kernel patches already force you
> > to use gcc272? 
> This really might be it. All the other dists I had running before had a gcc
> 2.7.2 installed. On this particular one, there is only 2.95.4 and 3.0.4
> already installed. I have the gcc272 package. Can I safely "apt-get" that
> without it destroying my existing 2.95.4 setup (since that version seems to be
> fine for just about everything else I want to compile, and some stuff even
> needs at least 2.8... to compile)?

Sure you can, this is Debian not a random collection of rpms ;-) 

gcc272 was introduced just for this purpose, just just have to change your
makefile to use gcc272 instead of gcc, or use the debian kernel-image source
package, it should take care of that.


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