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Re: Problems with self-compiled kernel

On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 07:24:30PM -0500, Hank wrote not very much but cited
the whole email:
> Björn Buske wrote:
> Did you copy the config.atari file from the patches file into the top
> level of the kernel source?
> cp /kernel-patches/m68k/2.2.20/config.atari
>  xxx/kernel-source-2.2.20/config

I am not sure if you want to use that. You should have a
/boot/config-2.2.20-atari or similar on your system. That comes from the
kernel that was installed on your system (by the boot-floppies). Start with
that, since that is the config that is running on your box. The other config
looks pretty old to me.

Use gcc272 as Richard said, I thought the kernel patches already force you
to use gcc272? Hmm, maybe not. If you download the kernel-image-2.20-atari
source package and build that, you should get an identical kernel-image
file. Either way, kernel-package is a really nice tool to build
kernel-images, it takes a little longer than manual build, but it helps
avoiding a lot of mistakes.


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