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Linux Install on PB520 fun

Hi. I'm still not having much luck getting Potato installed on my PB520. Most recently I have tried the Penguin-19 installer, which seems to detect my Ethernet unlike Penguin-18, and I've tried the 2.4.0, 2.4.1 kernels from sourceforge (which cleared the bus error) and also tried the Woody kernel. I've noticed in the log files that Penguin-19 generates (see attached) that it is having troubles turning off one of the slot interupts and I am wondering if this is causing some problems. Here is what I've got, se the associated log files for more:

1) Penguin19_k241.log (using log file name to differentiate the attempts, here Penguin-19 installer with kernel 2.4.1): - Penguin-19 detects my built-in Ethernet and shuts it down prior to starting linux. - Appletalk and Ethernet are killed before starting linux booter. Log file shows error turning off slot interupt(s). - Ran this combination twice, looks like the ram disk loads (black text on white background), and the kernel loads, but computer shuts down before reaching installer.
 - Once thought I saw some graphic appear on screen just before shut down.

2) Penguin19_k240.log
 - Kills Ethernet and Appletalk.
 - Errors turning off slot interupts in log file
- *** Does NOT turn of computer, instead stop on a "kernel panic: attempted to kill init!!" message (possibly due to one of the active interupts????)
 - Think this is the closest I've come!

3) Penguin19_woody.log (tried with the Woody kernel per someone's suggestion) - See the "BUS ERROR 7" message and again and startup halts -> need the 2.4.x kernel.
 - Still see errors in turning off slot interupts.

 Please advise/help/RSVP!!  Thanks.


P.S. I've again included the hardware dumps that Penguin-19 produces at the begining of each log file.

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