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Re: mouse issue under X (read this not the other, plz)

Carlos wrote:
> Hi
> First of all, my name is Carlos. :)
> I own an a3000 with Cyberstorm68060 mkII, Cybervision 64/3D, etc
> In my first contact with debian, well, no problem. IVe install Woody with
> xserver-xfree86-deb*_*4.1.2-3 (statically linked) and runs fine. But i have
> a problem with the mouse configuration (i suppose), because when startx,
> and load blackbox, pointer seems freeze when i move it, for a moment, then
> returns, but freeze another and so its impossible to manage the
> menu/windows, etc, because that delay. If i wait, pointer back again and i
> can move It. i note that in first time, when prompt to enter the login/pass
> in X, mouse cant run, pointer freeze until i type the login/pass. Brrrr...
> X are quite unusable with this problem, because i must wait various seconds
> between mouse displacments. Perhaps cannot be a mouse configuration problem
> and depends of other configuration section, so here is my XF86Config-4:

> Section "InputDevice"
>     Identifier    "Configured Mouse"
>     Driver        "mouse"
>         Option          "CorePointer"
>         Option        "Device"        "/dev/amigamouse"
>     Option        "Protocol"        "BusMouse"
> EndSection

> Thanks for your help, and sorry for my english ;). I hope to understand me.

Are you using gpm? Then please configure X to use the repeater device
gpm creates, or stop gpm (gpm -k or /etc/init.d/gpm stop) before
starting X.

HTH, Erik
Erik C.J. Laan				elaan at dds.nl
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