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Re: Linux Install on PB520 fun

On Mon, 2003-01-27 at 21:18, John Steven Sobtzak wrote:
>   Hi.  I'm still not having much luck getting Potato installed on my PB520. 
> Most recently I have tried the Penguin-19 installer, which seems to detect 
> my Ethernet unlike Penguin-18, and  I've tried the 2.4.0, 2.4.1 kernels 
> from sourceforge (which cleared the bus error) and also tried the Woody 
> kernel.    I've noticed in the log files that Penguin-19 generates (see 
> attached) that it is having troubles turning off one of the slot interupts 
> and I am wondering if this is causing some problems.  Here is what I've 
> got, se the associated log files for more:
> 1) Penguin19_k241.log (using log file name to differentiate the attempts, 
> here Penguin-19 installer with kernel 2.4.1):
>   - Penguin-19 detects my built-in Ethernet and shuts it down prior to 
> starting linux.
>   - Appletalk and Ethernet are killed before starting linux booter.  Log 
> file shows error turning off slot interupt(s).
>   - Ran this combination twice, looks like the ram disk loads (black text 
> on white background), and the kernel loads, but computer shuts down before 
> reaching installer.
>   - Once thought I saw some graphic appear on screen just before shut down.

I haven't done any work on the PowerBook code because I don't have one. 
But, those who have still haven't figured out the power management. 
I've seen reports of these exact symptoms.  Your system is going into
sleep mode (or whatever Apple calls it).  Someone will need to do more
work on the power management before you'll be able to successfully
install on your PB520.

> 2) Penguin19_k240.log
>   - Kills Ethernet and Appletalk.
>   - Errors turning off slot interupts in log file
>   - *** Does NOT turn of computer, instead stop on a "kernel panic: 
> attempted to kill init!!" message (possibly due to one of the active 
> interupts????)
>   - Think this is the closest I've come!
> 3) Penguin19_woody.log (tried with the Woody kernel per someone's 
> suggestion)
>   - See the "BUS ERROR 7" message and again and startup halts -> need the 
> 2.4.x kernel.
>   - Still see errors in turning off slot interupts.
>   Please advise/help/RSVP!!  Thanks.
>  John
> P.S. I've again included the hardware dumps that Penguin-19 produces at the 
> begining of each log file.

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