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Re: Question on starting nfsd on a new installation...

>     On the opposite spectrum from compilers compiling themselves... I'm
> having a problem just getting a Debian install (of woody) going at all
> on my Quadra 660 AV. I believe this time to have my home network setup
> at least to where it'll see other machines on my local net and also out
> to the internet. So now it's time for my first real boot after all the
> installation is done. I've exported a directory on my hard drive that
> I've copied the contents of a cdrom onto for use with another machine
> without a functioning cdrom drive, and while booting, after it enters
> runlevel 2, and after it's loaded inetd and statd and lockd, it's stuck
> at loading nfsd. The machine seems to be locked up. At least I don't
> know how to interrupt it. And I can't get to another virtual console
> either.

disable automatic startup of nfsd and try it manually with strace.


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