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Question on starting nfsd on a new installation...


    On the opposite spectrum from compilers compiling themselves... I'm
having a problem just getting a Debian install (of woody) going at all
on my Quadra 660 AV. I believe this time to have my home network setup
at least to where it'll see other machines on my local net and also out
to the internet. So now it's time for my first real boot after all the
installation is done. I've exported a directory on my hard drive that
I've copied the contents of a cdrom onto for use with another machine
without a functioning cdrom drive, and while booting, after it enters
runlevel 2, and after it's loaded inetd and statd and lockd, it's stuck
at loading nfsd. The machine seems to be locked up. At least I don't
know how to interrupt it. And I can't get to another virtual console

    Any ideas? The network is setup as a static ip, where I'm supplying
it's netmask, broadcast, and gateway ips, and it's hosts file has my
other machines listed. (However, for itself it just has the local
loopback address, should I have put it's network IP address ? If so,
what do I do with the localhost entry?)

  I am also confused on this dnsdomainname thing. dnsdomainname returns
nothing, which is appropriate because I have not set it to anything. I'm
not sure what to set it to, should it be set to my ISP's domain name?
Should I leave it unset? (hostname does return the name of the machine)
Oh, and I can ping the quadra from my other machines by name, as well as
can ping my other machines from the quadra by name as well as site on
the internet.

Ideas appreciated,



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