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Re: Linux Install booter problems

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 09:52:38PM -0600, John Steven Sobtzak wrote:
>  To my best knowledge I do have a 5380 SCSI controller in the machine, 
> based on my research.  I've attached the dumps that the Penguin booter 
> "Hardware" menu gives me telling what hardware and address ranges it 
> detects, that too tells me that I have a 5380 chip (SCSI_5380 : Yes).  Not 
> sure on the address range, though.  It looks like 0x50f08000 falls in the 
> range of SCCRd and SCCWr (0x50F04000), if the data is correct.

Well, Apple did sometimes move chips around. The mac_scsi driver has
a hard-coded exception for the IIfx. Perhaps this model has another
strange layout. I wouldn't worry about the serial (SCC*) overlapping.
The usual length of register windows on a Mac is either 0x2000 or 0x4000.
Most of the people doing Linux on mac68k are using desktop machines.

>  If I do have the 5380 chip, it looks like one of the 2.4 kernels may be 
> worth looking at.  Does the kernel file need to be named "linux" for the 
> Penguin booter to recognize it?

The 2.4 kernels may be better able to boot on your machine, although
for most Macs, 2.4 is worse. Penguin doesn't care what the filename
of the kernel is, but you have to tell it which file to use in one
of the preferences. I think linux is the default.

	Brad Boyer

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