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Re: Linux Install booter problems

This error would appear to be the kernel trying to read from an
address that doesn't have anything. The address in question is
0x50f08000, which is in the block reserved from I/O devices.

This particular address would normally be the NCR5380 SCSI controller
registers, but I don't know if your machine really has that. The
different source trees I have laying around disagree. If your machine
doesn't have this chip, but the kernel thinks it does, that could
easily cause a problem just like this one. I really couldn't tell
you for sure what SCSI chip this model has, but that appears to
be the issue.

If I had the System.map for your kernel, I could look up the addresses
and see if it is the mac_scsi driver causing the problem.

	Brad Boyer

To my best knowledge I do have a 5380 SCSI controller in the machine, based on my research. I've attached the dumps that the Penguin booter "Hardware" menu gives me telling what hardware and address ranges it detects, that too tells me that I have a 5380 chip (SCSI_5380 : Yes). Not sure on the address range, though. It looks like 0x50f08000 falls in the range of SCCRd and SCCWr (0x50F04000), if the data is correct.

If I do have the 5380 chip, it looks like one of the 2.4 kernels may be worth looking at. Does the kernel file need to be named "linux" for the Penguin booter to recognize it?

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