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Re: Linux Install booter problems

You must be using the potato installer? The woody installer's
kernel file is named linux.bin, and uses Penguin-19.
With only 12MB of memory, you're better off using potato
anyway. that might not be enough for woody.

Correct, I am using the potato version due to HD space limits (I'm not looking for the latest and greatest) along with the Penguin-18 installer and 2.2.17 kernel (linux, no .bin extension.

You're getting the kernel launched, at least. Were you sure
to launch MacOS holding the shift key down, to disable extensions,
before launching Penguin? I got all sorts of strange things
happening before I learned to do that, although I usually got
farther than you're getting.

 Yup, caught that one, turned off the Extensions, same error.

One more thought, when you downloaded 'linux' under MacOS, did
you download it 'as binary' not 'as text'? Most web browsers
on the Mac assume it's text if it doesn't have any extension -
one reason the name was changed to linux.bin. That has problems
too, if you have Stuffit or Fetch set up to automatically extract
Nacbinary encoded files, they will assume from the .bin extension
that they are to decode the file - which will destroy it.

Do to the age of my Mac, I actually downloaded the files on a Windows machine, then used a piece of software on my PC called PCMACLAN to moved it over to my Mac via my router. But I did not download the 'linux' file directly, I downloaded the macinstall.tgz, which generated the 'linux' kernel file upon expansion (on the Mac), along with the Penguin installer. I am careful not to have Stuffit expand anything unless I tell it to do so explicitly. Everything seemed to expand smoothly, since I got a Penguin icon, and that program starts up just fine, just when I go to boot the system in linux -> crash and burn.


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