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Re: Exporting my CD-ROM to another machine?


     You know, I bet you're right. I don't know why it didn't occur to me
to just copy the CD-ROM to the HD and export that directory!

     I will try that as soon as my Debian reinstall is finished, was still
having network problems where my solutions had gotten so convoluted that I
finally just gave up and am starting over. Someone on the list suggested
that I needed to have MacTCP on the MacOS side of things already activated,
and so I got MacTCP going on the Mac and am doing another install for

    But you are right, I am trying to upgrade my Next box via the CD-ROM on
the Quadra. I have a Next box "CD caddy" on order, but otherwise have no
way to use the CD-ROM in the 2nd hand Next box I have.



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About a year ago I was trying to do the same thing.  NFS, however, is
not set up to manage properly mounting a CDROM.  Or, at least, it wasn't
last year on an i586 machine with kernel 2.4.~5 or so.

I was trying to do a net install from a mounted cdrom on my laptop (is
this what you're thinking?).  I ended up exporting a directory on my
hard drive and copied the installation media into that.  I could start
the install from the exported CD, but it would error out pretty quickly.

The man page said that CDROMs aren't supported.  I believe some code
needs written to create a buffer to read chunks from the CD into, and
then transmit NFS requests from the buffer.  No one has been interested
in beating that horse.

Check out the man page or go to the project home page to check it out
though, hopefully time has marched on and I'm wrong :)


On Mon, 2003-01-20 at 19:08, George Bingham wrote:
> Hello,
>      I just got my Debian installation finished on my Mac Quadra 660 AV,
> thanks to much networking help from this list.
>     Now I am trying to use the CD-ROM from my Mac with another machine on
> the network. I.e. I'd like to export the directory on my Mac that I have
> CD-ROM mounted to so that the other machine - it's running Mach 2.1 - can
> mount it. I believe that the mounting procedure on the Next box is the
> as for any Unix NFS client, but I don't think I've got my Mac setup yet
> do NFS, at least I cannot see any NFS daemon running.
>     Anyway, I use exportfs to export the /cdrom directory (where I have
> /dev/sr0 mounted to) and it'll show up in the /var/<whatever>
> that shows
> the kernel what's currently exportable, but it never updates
> I cannot get the mount command on the Next box to work, but I'm fairly
> certain that it's because the Mac is not really exporting it.
>    Both machines know about each other and can ping each other by
> And I am naming the host to export to in the exportfs command on the Mac.
>    Shouldn't there be an NFS daemon running? If so where from / when does
> it get launched? It's not in inet.conf, should it be?
> Thanks,
> George Bingham
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