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Re: Exporting my CD-ROM to another machine?

Op di 21-01-2003, om 01:08 schreef George Bingham:
> Hello,
>      I just got my Debian installation finished on my Mac Quadra 660 AV,
> thanks to much networking help from this list.
>     Now I am trying to use the CD-ROM from my Mac with another machine on
> the network. I.e. I'd like to export the directory on my Mac that I have my
> CD-ROM mounted to so that the other machine - it's running Mach 2.1 - can
> mount it. I believe that the mounting procedure on the Next box is the same
> as for any Unix NFS client, but I don't think I've got my Mac setup yet to
> do NFS, at least I cannot see any NFS daemon running.
>     Anyway, I use exportfs to export the /cdrom directory (where I have
> /dev/sr0 mounted to) and it'll show up in the /var/<whatever> subdirectory
> that shows
> the kernel what's currently exportable, but it never updates /etc/exports.

Obviously not. *You* are supposed to update that file; it should contain
the exported filesystems -- whatever you feed to exportfs. Just running
'/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start' should do the exportfs stuff for

> I cannot get the mount command on the Next box to work, but I'm fairly
> certain that it's because the Mac is not really exporting it.

Well, if you've used exportfs, it sure as hell is exporting it.

>    Both machines know about each other and can ping each other by hostname.
> And I am naming the host to export to in the exportfs command on the Mac.
>    Shouldn't there be an NFS daemon running? If so where from / when does
> it get launched? It's not in inet.conf, should it be?

No, N/A, and no. The NFS exports are done by the kernel, provided you're
using nfs-kernel-server. If you're using nfs-user-server (which I highly
discourage you to do, but it's up to you), _then_ you'd need some

However, with the kernel approach, you'll still need a portmapper in
user-space. Installing nfs-kernel-server and its dependencies should
take care of that for you.

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