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re: donation: HP Apollo 425t MORE INFO

Mako and others,

I have another 9000/425 available to some Debian or m68k Linux kernel
developer.  It's listed at


first in the HP section.  This was working except that when I tested it
over a year ago I didn't know enough about ethernets in these.  There
was some kind of boot error message related to ethernet.  Maybe that's
just a no-carrier thing or maybe I should have been using an AUI port
instead of BNC to hook up.

I will scrap-recycle this one soon since there has been no interest in
the two years we've had it.  So it can go for the cost of shipping, be
picked up, or I would drop it off in the Finger Lakes or Hudson Valley
areas of NY or the Scranton area of PA.  The recipient can have a
matching HP large monitor too if they pick up or I drop off.  (Ain't no
way I will ship those monitors.  Can barely lift 'em.)

>It's certainly not spectacular but I know m68k machines can be in
>short supply. If you'd like to give me specific minimum requirements,
>I'll be happy to relay only these offers in the future. 

Short supply?

If a sincere Linux developer is interested in a Mac Quadra 610, 605
(with 68LC040 but accepts a full 68040), 630, or 650 they can contact me
about the best way to get something to them.  We have dozens of 630s and
a few 610/605/650.  Lots of similar Centris 610 & 650; probably LC
CPUs.  In gratitude for having kernel and Debian 3.0 m68k to use in
showing off some of these to our customers (as X terminals or
Linux-learning toys), I'm happy to donate some of our stock back to
developers, and will help to get together a complete working system.

-- SP
   http://www.lightlink.com/babbages/   Babbage's Basement

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