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kernel-patch-2.4.14-m68k (woody)


I reported some problems with this package yesterday, there were additional similar problems in other scsi files, which I also "fixed". I haven't been able to test the kernel yet, because even though it now compiles fine, the kernel link is failing. The failure is due to a different thing, the clgen video driver (not everyone uses that) is referencing non existent methods or variables, i.e the clgen driver or something video related is broken.

This package is supposed to be "stable", and is the only 2.4.14 kernel patch package, but in my experience it is not.

Now what do I do? Make a bug report on the package page, and then submit patches if I manage to fix it, or do I just submit/talk about it here, and hope that the package maintainer (Nick Holgate) notices? Is he on this mailing list? Where are the kernel-developers hanging out?



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