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Re: gcc failure on xine-lib autobuild

On Fri, 3 May 2002, Stephen R Marenka wrote:

> No but the older version (0.9.8-2) seemed to compile fine. I wonder what
> changed?

Me too, that's why I asked. That's especially surprising as all the other
autobuilders didn't have a problem. I'd suspect a gcc upgrade...

> FWIW: we bounced it to at least three different machines, so it's not
> specific to a particular m68k box or architecture.

upgrade on all the machines??

> I'd be happy to create you an account on my machine, although it's not
> even close to the fastest in the fleet.

Well, the failure is quite early in the build process, so CPU speed won't
really important. I could _try_ to investigate this...

> I filed a bug just before I read this, hope that doesn't annoy.

Hmmm, I usually find all bugs annoying, but I don't tell people unless the
bug wasn't really a bug, but something else failing, so let's see if it
"does annoy" ;-)


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