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Re: Curious on 68k uses

Hi Dana!

> As users of 68k hardware, in that realm we're not among the users of
> the speediest machines hardware-wise (OS efficiency is something
> else entirely!), what do y'all actually -do- with your
> amiga/atari/mac/vmebus/etc boxes? Is it a
> learn-linux-on-a-spare-machine thing, a hobby, some solid 'real
> work' that you do?

Hm... real work? After my Atari TT has died some years ago, my
involvement in the whole m68k thing has stalled quite a bit :( You
see, kernel hacking without test hardware that you can reboot easily
isn't that easy... So, personally I don't use m68k machines at all
anymore, but I still employ them for building Debian packages.
Specially kullervo, which I still actively care for (as far as my job

> unnaturally hosted on a Q605,
> http://www.danamania.com/

Great! ;) Ah, that reminds me of a little, real deployment of an m68k
machine: kullervo runs the Gnocatan meta server for a few people.
(Gnocatan is a Linux version of the "Settlers of Catan" board game, if
you know that...) It was the first non-firewalled machine that came to
my mind for that purpose, and now it does the job... :)

BTW, I've been once to Australia and I loved it! Maybe, maybe, in many
years I can go there again...

Greetings from Germany :)


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