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Re: bf 3.0.22 available for testing

On Fri, Apr 19, 2002 at 01:32:21AM +0200, Bjoern Brill wrote:
> I've done a (simple, but complete) woody test install with
> boot-floppies 3.0.22 on a m68k Mac. In short: worked great. Even looked
> great.

> System is Mac Quadra 700, 68040 CPU, 20MB RAM, ~200MB HD, color monitor and
> german extended keyboard attached.
> Used basedebs.tar and untarred macinstall.tar.gz on native Mac partiton.
> Chose
>   - language: german
>   - german keyboard
>   - use one swap, one ext2 partition
>   - install from partition on harddisk
>     (everything was found automatically -- cool)
>   - no DHCP/BOOTP
> I had console #2 open and did repeated df's on the ext2 partition during the
> install. Peak observed disk usage was about 78MB; this should be OK for
> almost everybody.

This does not include the basedebs, does it? I rarely used the basedebs, but
my ~98MB partition (Amiga) was definetely to small last time I tried.
> And now a bit of nitpicking, just in case somebody is interested in nits :)
> Only some are m68k specific.

f you want those things fixed, please mail to debian-boot@lists.d.o
>   - The kernel and ramdisk files in the default penguin booter prefs were
>     wrong. Kernel said linux, wich does not exist, should be linux.bin.
>     Ramdisk said rescue.bin, which panics after boot with "init not found",
>     should be root.bin (there is a chance I messed up the latter myself when
>     correcting the former -- I'm not sure).

I think both files are now named *.bin. You say the penguin prefs (which we
ship?) do not contain linux.bin? Probably, this hasn't been changed in ages.
If you send me an updated prefs file (in hqx or whatever that format is), I
will include it in the next build. 

>   - bterm is cute, but ssllooww.
>   - The "choose installation archive path" (or similar) dialogs can be
>     confusing for first-time users, as they always were. At least
>     an explanation "The partition or CDROM you have chosen is mounted
>     on /instmnt" would be nice.

Doesn't it work when you don't specify /instmnt? IIRC if you put the install
files in a directory named debian in the root of your native partition, just
type debian in that window and everything works. Took me months to realize
why you could not name the directory "Debian" ...

>   - Some of the message translations are suboptimal, and some messages
>     (e.g. the validating.. / unpacking.. / installing..) stuff are not
>     translated at all.

please discuss translations on the debian-boot list.

>   - Console 3 receives translated log messages in UTF-8, but does not handle
>     UTF-8. No big problem with a few german umlauts, but maybe one for
>     japanese users?
>   - Console 3 showed a log message
>     	user.debug dbootstrap[60]: kill: Usage: [followed by usage blurb]
>     right after some messages from the module selection step. Maybe
>     a "kill $TYPO" in a shell script?
>   - It would be nice if the shell in console 2 at least had a working
>     delete key. It had with potato boot-floppies IIRC. Delete does work
>     in dialog text fields, so it's likely not a keymap prolem.

does backspace work?

>   - df spit out some "/dev/pts : no such file or directory" errors, but
>     worked even though. Not at first, but after some time -- is the
>     busybox df replaced with the standard one when it gets installed from
>     the basedebs?

On /instmnt, so you should only notice that after a reboot. I think.

>   - I don't see why "make the system bootable" is the default selection in
>     the last step if this is not possible. Anyway, the resulting message

I don't think we can introduce arch specific selections now... I wouldn't
even know how, and who knows, maybe someday [amiga|atari|mac]lilo will be
supported? As for the message, propose something on debian-boot.

> But, again, that's nitpicking. Congrats, you've done it, here comes the
> woody.

Great. A few more days (IIRC no new boot-floppies for the initial release),
but its very close...

Thanks for testing.

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