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bf 3.0.22 available for testing

any volunteers for testing boot-floppies 3.0.22? They are in the archives
since a few days. I haven't heard any success reports from Atari users yet
since we switched to use the LANGUAGE_CHOOSER as well. I started the initial
install on my Amiga, worked fine until I had to select a partition to
install on. I forgot which partition was my test partition so I stopped
instead of wiping out my system, but the LANGUAGE_CHOOSER part works, and I
assume that the rest works as well, but I will test it more.

A previous version was successfully tested on a few Macs, other Amigas, and
probable some vme boxes? No news from Atari users is good news, this might
be your last chance for woody to provide bug fixes in case it does not work
on Atari (in case it does not work for Atari, I guess I'd rather make a
seperate build for the two(?) remaining users than switching
LANGUAGE_CHOOSER off again, it looks pretty neat, I'd like to keep that).


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