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Re: XFree 4.1.0 and virtual terminals (tty's)

On Mon, 11 Mar 2002 Martin.Leidig@ePost.de wrote:

> Wouter Verhelst [2002-03-11 00.02 +0100]:
> >On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, Olev Hannula wrote:
> >[changing virtual consoles]
> > > etc, but the key comination apple button + F1 or whatever F doesent
> > > change to virtual terminal tty1 or tty2 etc. I have used xfree in i386
> > > world, and there you can change from xfree to any virtual terminal. Is
> >
> >As in i386, you have to use Control too to switch to another virtual
> >console...
> >
> >On i386 you have Ctrl-Alt-Fx, on Mac you have Ctrl-Option-Fx
> >
> >(Option=the "apple" button)
> Huh?  I thought, "Apple" (or that funny looped square thingy) was Cmd, and
> Option was the "bath tub" button positioned left to the left Cmd button ... 

Ah, that's possible too. Not really sure; I'm not a Mac freak either ;-)

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