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Re: XFree 4.1.0 and virtual terminals (tty's)

Ok, i have tried that, and all other alt-control-option+F combinations, none of them work, is there something wrong with my key map ?!?! so it is supposed to work and change terminals. Maybe someone has had this problem before and can help me ? As i told, i can change terminals with that control+F but when xfree is running, THEN I cannot change terminals. Maybe it is the xfree keymap, but else than that the keyboard works like it should in xfree, all keys in right places etc, only changing terminals doesn't work.

> On Sun, 10 Mar 2002, Olev Hannula wrote:
> [changing virtual consoles]
> > etc, but the key comination apple button + F1 or whatever F doesent
> > change to virtual terminal tty1 or tty2 etc. I have used xfree in i386
> > world, and there you can change from xfree to any virtual terminal. Is
> As in i386, you have to use Control too to switch to another virtual
> console...
> On i386 you have Ctrl-Alt-Fx, on Mac you have Ctrl-Option-Fx
> (Option=the "apple" button)
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