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Re: ls -l doesn't segfault...


Mathew Eis writes:
 > Bruce,
 > I've been playing with that as well - I built a fsck for
 > Debian Linux 68k that doesn't crash - using very similar
 > methods.

fsck on linux drove me crazy for this reason :-)

 > I used a patched up floatlib.c that I got somewhere - some
 > parts of some worked and some parts of others. I built both
 > a static library and a dynamic library, and used the static
 > library for fcsk.
 > It almost seems to me that if we are to run linux on the
 > LC040 machines, it is going to become an entirely sepatrate
 > distribution, since nearly every program that uses floating
 > point numbers will have to be rebuilt...

Maybe. I'll bet that most of any base system doesn't do a lot of
floating point.  Programs, otoh, should have the ability to use the
built in FPU especially on the 68k, not the fastest system in the



Of course it runs NetBSD

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