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Re: ls -l doesn't segfault...


I've been playing with that as well - I built a fsck for
Debian Linux 68k that doesn't crash - using very similar

I used a patched up floatlib.c that I got somewhere - some
parts of some worked and some parts of others. I built both
a static library and a dynamic library, and used the static
library for fcsk.

It almost seems to me that if we are to run linux on the
LC040 machines, it is going to become an entirely sepatrate
distribution, since nearly every program that uses floating
point numbers will have to be rebuilt...

Oh yes, this will seem like a dumb question - which package
are those basic filesystem commands in? (ls,rm,cd)


--- Bruce O'Neel <beoneel@bluewin.ch> wrote:
> on an LC040, finally.  I've been playing around with
> getting NetBSD
> 1.5.2 to run better on my PB540c, just because I like
> portable
> systems, and I've finally gotten ls -l, a common program
> to segfault
> randomly, to run ok.  I did this by building a subset of
> libc with
> -msoft-float and also building in the gcc soft float
> emulator from the
> arm and sh3 ports into my cut down libc.  When ls is
> linked with this
> cut down libc in front of the normal libc library then ls
> -l doesn't
> segfault anymore.
> The gory and incomplete details can be found at
> http://www.mysunrise.ch/users/beoneel/NetBSD.html.  This
> is only a
> temporary step and only for NetBSD, though the same
> principle should
> work for any system.  
> Basically this is a step towards bootstrapping a full
> build of libc,
> and, once that is done, a build of all the programs which
> randomly
> segfault. 
> cheers
> bruce
> -- 
> Of course it runs NetBSD
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