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Re: quadra 950 problems

On Sat, 23 Feb 2002, R.A. wrote:

> I've been trying to install debian (potato) in a quadra 950, 1gb & 
> 98mb ram. With penguin 18 and the "linux" kernel that comes by 
> default, I got an error -17  just before booting, and after the boot, 
> it stops when checking for scsi devices.

So penguin 18 doesn't work.

> With penguin 19 (and kernel 2.20) I get a little further, but it 
> stops when trying to load the ram disk:
> Kernel Panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on  00:00

That means it can't find a rootdisk image. You need to specify the
location of the root.bin as a ramdisk in penguin's settings. Once you did
that, you should be able to boot and install.

After installing, don't forget to remove the reference to root.bin (else
you won't be able to do anything but installing ;-)

wouter dot verhelst at advalvas dot be

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