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Re: Error (before) installation of Debian 2.2 on Mac IIsi

On Tue, 2002-02-12 at 13:47, Tony Kruse wrote:
> I am attempting to load Potato Debian 2.2 on a Mac IIsi (configuration
> below in signature).  After successfully partitioning, installing a
> fresh MacOS 7.5.3 and transferring recommended files (downloaded by
> another mac and transferred via SCSI external hard drive) to Mac IIsi
> partition, I try to start by unzipping macinstall.tgz with Stuffit
> Expander 5.5 but it halts during the process and I get the following
> message error message: 
> "Sorry, but a disk related error (-34) has prevented the operation from
> concluding." 

Try reformatting the Mac partition and re-installing MacOS.  This error
indicates a corrupted HFS if I recall correctly.

> This is a disappointing start. I have experience with installing Red Hat
> graphically on intel hardware and I once installed mkLinux on a Mac
> PB5300 which was like getting fitted for horse shoes ...however
> successful.  Any suggestions?
> Tony Kruse
> -
> Mac IIsi
> MacOS 7.5.3
> 16MB RAM
> ~280MBHD (~70 for Mac, ~200 Linux)

Ray Knight

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