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Re: emulators?

* Mark Eichin <eichin@thok.org> [020213 22:11]:
> Are there any 68k emulators that (1) can boot linux (2) run under
> linux?  (can UAE do this?  something based on Executor, run on a
> modern 2ghz pentium, would probably outrun any actual 68k hardware, if
> the Executor tech hadn't been lost...)

There are some preliminary MMU patches for UAE available. They try to
emulate a 040 MMU. Basically that means you can boot a kernel, but as
soon as you try to access any(!) files in an initrd for example, it
will crash with a double exception 2.
Check http://www.freiburg.linux.de/~uae/ for the Unix Amiga Emulator and
the necessary patches plus a small debian boot image.

Aranym, an Atari emulator based on UAE's CPU emulation, has MMU support, too.
This one was added after they took the UAE cpu core, so it's a different
implementation. Don't know if it works.

Don't expect it to be fast... doing virtual address mapping in hardware is
a big speed advantage.. ;)

Any comments, discussion, patches is highly welcome!

Best regards,
  Stefan Reinauer
Ok hex 4666 dup negate do i 4000 dup 2* negate do " *" 0 dup 2dup 1e 0 do
 2swap * e >>a 2* 3 pick + -rot - j + dup dup * e >>a rot dup dup * e >>a 
  rot swap 2dup + 10000 > if 3drop 3drop "  " 0 dup 2dup leave then loop 
                2drop 2drop type 266 +loop cr 5de +loop

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