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Re: What needs to be done?

Erik van Roode wrote:
> ...
> I fear the binutils/libc6 to be way over my head, but I'm willing to dive
> into it if needed. XFree86 seems to work, kernel 2.2.20 and 2.4.17 seem to
> work.
> Any suggestions on what packages need work the most urgently?


Update excuses and Release Critical Bugs all show lots to do for
m68k.  I'm not sure any one thing needs doing most.  Both these
lists are linked off bruno.fmepnet.org.

DWN was talking about bug filing and general build failure
hacking.  See Failed and Not-For-Us on bruno.  Some of the
not-for-us are because there's no config for m68k, so a bug+patch
needs to be filed.  Some really aren't for m68k and a mail to
the m68k-build list will get them removed from consideration.
If you're looking at failed, you should started with the oldest
ones.  Some of the new ones are because dependencies are out of
sync and will sort themselves out as things catch up.  Bonus
points for getting something to build that has several packages
dep-waiting on it.

I'd subscribe to debian-bugs-dist if you're going to file bugs.
There's not a lot of tricks to it but some maintainers will get
pissed off mightily if you get it wrong.

Info on the m68k-build lists is at


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