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Re: What needs to be done?

On Sun, Jan 27, 2002 at 12:25:05AM -0800, Erik van Roode wrote:
> http://people.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/help.html
>   - boot-floppies
>   - kernel-images
>   - fix package compilation bugs
> http://people.debian.org/~cts/debian-m68k/woody/
>    - XFree86 (fixed?)
>    - libc6
>    - binutils
I think I did not update those pages for some time, so the problems might
have shifted a little.
> I fear the binutils/libc6 to be way over my head, but I'm willing to dive
> into it if needed. XFree86 seems to work, kernel 2.2.20 and 2.4.17 seem to
> work.

boot-floppies were fine last time I built them. And now that I resurrected
my Amiga, the chances are not too bad that I can continue building them,
_BUT_ they need testing (did not test the last upload, because my SCSI disc
had just died...) and the documentation needs updating. IIRC I removed the
quickinstall docs, because they were severely outdated. All new work on
documentation _has_ to go into the sgml documentation, not very difficult to
write, but somebody has to do it. If somebody updates the quickinstall text
files, thats fine, but as long as I build boot-floppies for m68k, I will not
include that anymore. sgml is not hard, and some spaces which need updating
for m68k are clearly marked in the source. So go for it and merge the
quickinstall docs (which are still on my webpages) into the sgml docs.

kernel-images are handled nicely by Nick, might be good if people tested
them and gave feedback, IMHO.

compilation bugs, seems there is no easy way for non-developers to get a
list of failed compilations on m68k. check the RC bug list and then the
build logs on buildd.d.o. If you have an account on auric:
 wanna-build --arch=m68k --database=m68k/build-db --dist=unstable \
  --list=failed > m68k.failed
I assume all problems are filed as bugs. If you could fix these, provide a
patch for the BTS, that would be useful.

xfree might work, actually the last thing my amiga did before dying just
before christmas, was uploading an xfree build. I could never test it...

libc6/binutils we have problems with that? I thought they were more or less
fixed currently.

> Any suggestions on what packages need work the most urgently? My GVP Series
> II and Blizzard 2040 both refuse to play with my tape drive, so I'm playing
> with them, but if there are more useful things to work on ...
Kick out the GVP, my one only makes trouble when the driver is loaded. It
randomly freezes the machine, even with no device conencted, all RAM
disabled. Its fine when the kernel does not include a driver for it, which
we unfortunately can not do for the official kernel-images... and I can not
remove the card physically, because I need it to carry my IDE disk. Lame
excuse, but hey, I paid a lot of money for that card.

What was not on your list is the lack of buildd maintainers. I don't know
about the current standing, but I think it would not hurt if we had some
more people checking the logs and uploading packages. Cc'ed to the right


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