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Re: Segmentation faults

> >>
> >>  "Starting inetd superserver:
> >>  INIT: Id "1" spawning too fast: disabled for 5
> minutes"
> >
> >Unfortunately, you have a broken 68LC040. There's some
> bug in this
> >processor in the Floating Point Exception-handling and
> Memory-management
> >part of it. 
>   IMHO has the complaint from init  about 'respawning too
> fast' 
> nothing to do with the processor!
> I had the same message with LinuxPPC on an Apple PowerMac
> G4 which is 
> quit a different machine.
> I succeeded to remove the symptom but uptill now I did
> not care about 
> solving the problem.
> By looking at the screen I found after which command the
> message 
> appeared for the first
> time during boot and which command followed thereafter.
> By scanning 
> the init scripts in the
> order they are executed I found the offending
> script/program.
> As far as I can remember the "1" stands for a script or
> program. I 
> renamed the offending file and the message did not
> reappear.

Yes, however, the "offending script/program" is most likely
crashing because of the buggy LC040.

Removing a part of the system to prevent the message will
not fix his main problem - random segmentation faults; not
only in whatever program is crashing at startup, but dpkg,
perl and others. These faults are caused by the 68040 CPU,
and there are only 3 solutions I am aware of.

1) Get a non-LC040 CPU
2) Fix the floating point emulator
3) Recompile all the packages with sofware fp emulation

> In my 
> hurry to prevent people from buing new processors I did
> not yet find the name of the script/program, but when I
> find it I will post it.]

The script that is crashing is probably in /etc/inittab


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