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Installation problem on Mac LC 630

I am installing on an LC 630 (20 MB RAM, 50 MB partition for MacOS, 300 MB
partion for Debian, TV Tuner Card) using the system CD (making boot floppy
nor installing a boot loader is possible) Debian 2.2r4, using Penguin-19,
ramdisk root.bin from the CD and the kernel vmlinux2.2.19 ("linux" from the
CD nor 2.4 does work).
After selecting "Configuring device driver modules" I get the option to
"load some modules from a floppy disk... which is not required" and I press
OK to skip this step. Then a window appears saying "Problem: no modules were
found in /target/lib/modules/2.2.19 that could be configured. Please install
the modules first." Here I get stuck.
Please help me with this installation!

Thank you a lot,

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