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Re: Another stuck amigan

Andrew Martin wrote:

> 1) Does anyone have a XF86Config file for an amiga
> (its an A1200 if it makes any difference) that uses a
> normal pal telly display and a standard amiga mouse in
> the amiga mouse port!

You get one when you install xserver-fbdev, if you've modified it look


you should have an example there...
> When wvdial connects if i do a lynx www.yahoo.com (as
> a test) it cant find it, however i think it can
> connect to ip adddresses, which i think means the dns
> set up is not working! I know the ip's of my two name
> servers at my isp, but where should i put them for it
> to work???

Use pppconfig for configuring your connection.


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