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Another stuck amigan

Hi everyone,

I've got two major problems, which on a pc would
probably be easy to fix, but I dont know how to do it
on my miggy :(

1) Does anyone have a XF86Config file for an amiga
(its an A1200 if it makes any difference) that uses a
normal pal telly display and a standard amiga mouse in
the amiga mouse port!

The mouse and the display settings are a bugger if you
dont know much about the environment!

Even if your using a monitor with a amiga mouse, or a
telly with a ps/2 mouse, gimme your XF86Config, i need
ideas for settings!

2) I have managed to get my miggy online (huzzah!)
using wvdial, however, I think its doing something
similar to a storm linux install I had on my pc once
(now suse 7.1 thankfully :) ), I suspect it can't
resolve dns's, as it connects fine, it "seems" to pass
the data to the isp and connects. Im only assuming
this though, cos in pppd (using pppconfig) it connects
but disconnects (losing the carrier detect) after
about ten seconds, I dont even think it tries to pass
login details!!!
Anyway, the problem is this....
When wvdial connects if i do a lynx www.yahoo.com (as
a test) it cant find it, however i think it can
connect to ip adddresses, which i think means the dns
set up is not working! I know the ip's of my two name
servers at my isp, but where should i put them for it
to work???

>From a gnome-less, net-less amigan :(


ps to that guy who was setting up the a1200 with a
060... the 060 using amiga software was never very
reliable anyway, especially with scsi devices (real
ones that is, not stupid workbench pseudo-scsi-ide
devices :) ), still jealous of that set up though :-D

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