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Ethernet cards on a Quadra 650

Hello all,

I'm having some troubles trying to make work my ethernet cards on a
Quadra 650.  I'm using the onboard SONIC with an ASANTE adapter, an
10BaseT ASANTE Nubus card and a FastASANTE 10/100 Nubus card.  I have a
few questions.

First one.  The onboard card and the ASANTE adapter seems to work fine
(ping is working) excepting some applications (bind, exim at least) can't terminate
their TCP connections.  When I do a netstat -na --ip I always see a line like
this one :

tcp  0  30 LAST_ACK
standing there for a few minutes before the other host abort the
connection.  And so these applications are not working.

The strange thing is that under MacOS there working ok.  Is Linux more
sensible to network cards faults than MacOS ?  What can I do more to
investigate the problem ?

The second question is : does anyone succeeded with a FastASANTE 10/100
Nubus under Linux ?  I'm trying to use the smc9194.o module, it recognizes
the card and seems to configure it ok, but it does not work (no ping).

Thanks for your help,


antoine.delvaux@belnet.be                         Tel: + 32 2 790 33 33
BELNET Service Support Team                       Fax: + 32 2 790 33 34

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