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Debian Potato release 0 install on Amiga


I recently acquired a 3 CD set of disks for the Debian Potato
distribution, release 0.  I have been having trouble getting
it to complete an install, but it has been a learning experience
along the way.

I can get the install to get all the way through to the Tasksel
program.  When exiting that and the install proceeds, it indicates
that some files cannot be found.  Searching the Debian bug tracking
system shows those files are missing in base-config in the r0
release.  So I grab the updated package and install it.  Rerun
tasksel and now I get that other packages cannot install due to
version number conflicts.

I am installing on an Amiga 2000 with a gvp 030 board.  Has anyone
else gotten the Potato r0 to install?  Am I on the right track

I was able to discover that Amiga paritions can be mounted with
the affs file system (extrapolating information in the NetBSD
M68K FAQ) so I can ftp new packages to help the install process

The system does boot as far as I have it now.  But just the base
system, no packages have been installed (well, it did get as
far as putting perl-5.005 on the system, but scripts which use
it give an error about "Language not being set" and "defaulting
to C".

If this all makes sense to anyone I'd appreciate hearing from you.


Lance Tagliapietra | lancetag@luminet.net | Contract Software Engineer
Amiga Enthusiast   |   TeXnically Aware   | Embedded Systems Developer

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