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RE: Trouble Floppy Booting an MVME167

I sorry that I did not explain it very well.

The changes I described are BIOS-like parameters for the MVME board.
The parameters I listed are from Appendix B of the MVME167 Single Board Computer Installation Guide.
This is downloadable from Motorola --- http://www.mcg.mot.com/cfm/templates/lit.cfm?PageID=830

The boot floppies appear to work fine as is, as long as the board is configured correctly.
Perhaps, the boot floppies could be coded differently to overcome bad board parameters.
Probably, this is overkill.
Probably, a note in the install guide about the board parameters would be more appropriate.

I will try to build Woody from a floppy boot when I get time.
So far, I have only booted the rescue diskette and read the root diskette.

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