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Msh was Re: Re(2): PB190

Hi, Dan
thanx for the site-info
well i'll kind of give up for a while
and keep watching the debian68k's what's new things


my basic idea to install debian on PB190 was 
only to
turn it command-line oriented
(afraid of mouse breaking sooner or later)


came into a weird mac's app called Msh:
(seems to be japanese-app but with monaco font will make it available
 for english people)

this one
would seem to satisfy me

this one can call vi
which really is an app named STEVIE
(it's very very vi..the original one seems to be an english version)

since i can put Msh as my PB190's start up item
i can turn prompt mode
without doing that rebooting-from-mac-os process
(which needs mouse to do it)

maybe i'll come back to take the advantage of the linux communitiy
but till then
will study and gradually turn commander with Msh

see you again!

> Most were found on the main mac.linux-m68k.org ftp site, however others
> were found elsewhere too, including debian and soundforge.
> Here are the ones I can remember...
> mac.linux-m68k.org
> ftp://ftp.mac.linux-m68k.org/pub/linux-mac68k/kernels/
> Soundforge
> ftp://linux-mac68k.sourceforge.net/pub/linux-mac68k/kernels/


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