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Re: Off Topic apt-get suggestion

On Saturday 10 March 2001 06:58, Russell Hires wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> If there's a better place to send this, let me know.
> I love apt-get. It is the best solution to keeping up to date and dealing
> with dependencies that I've seen for Linux. Right now, there's a few
> commands like apt-get install, dist-upgrade, remove, etc...Is it possible
> to have a new command be put with apt-get? My idea is "apt-get
> security-update" That way, whenever there is a security update, like one
> recently with Zope, you don't have to go to the Zope site and start over,
> or you don't have to go looking for the latest security fix software
> update. It's also good because you won't have to keep up with all the
> security advisories and it makes keeping a secure system up to date with
> the latest security fixes very easy, especially since there can be many of
> them at a time.

Add something like this to your sources.list:

deb http://security.debian.org stable/updates main contrib non-free


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