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Off Topic apt-get suggestion

Hey everyone, 

If there's a better place to send this, let me know. 

I love apt-get. It is the best solution to keeping up to date and dealing
with dependencies that I've seen for Linux. Right now, there's a few
commands like apt-get install, dist-upgrade, remove, etc...Is it possible to
have a new command be put with apt-get? My idea is "apt-get security-update"
That way, whenever there is a security update, like one recently with Zope,
you don't have to go to the Zope site and start over, or you don't have to
go looking for the latest security fix software update. It's also good
because you won't have to keep up with all the security advisories and it
makes keeping a secure system up to date with the latest security fixes very
easy, especially since there can be many of them at a time.

This answers the criticism that I've heard that Linux doesn't have a very
good model for distributing security fixes to the end user. Sure security
bugs can be found and fixed quickly, they say, but getting those fixes to
the end user is the difficult part. Hopefully my suggestion addresses that.


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